Cataloging the zoo experience for the family



This was a design challenge for a company's interview process. The prompt was to create an app that allows someone to catalogue their experience at the zoo.


When families are recording children's moments at the zoo, it is not just a one person experience. Everyone is involved. There needed to be a way to allow multiple family members to contribute to cataloguing the experience, organize photos, yet still ensure privacy.


I designed an app that allows photos to be organized by the animals the child interacted with, accessed only by close family members or friends, and uploaded collaboratively by account members.

My Role: Product Designer

Duration: 2 Days

Target Device: iOS

Tools: Sketch, InVision



How Parents Share Their Children's Experiences



The key challenges were to identify the following:

  • When would pictures be taken?
  • Who is taking the photo? One person? Other family members?
  • When are the photos shared and to who?

Key Takeaways From Research:

  • Organize - Parents take many photos, but sometimes the good ones get lost.
  • Sharing - It’s not just parents taking pictures but other family members too.
  • Privacy - Parents also needed to keep those moments separate from public eye.


Similar Apps That Are Out There


 TinyBean:  Calendar based  Allows for sharing to only select people  Only  one  person can update the account


  • Calendar based
  • Allows for sharing to only select people
  • Only one person can update the account
 Rainbow:  Journal based  Tags to categorize types of moments  Only  one  person can update the account


  • Journal based
  • Tags to categorize types of moments
  • Only one person can update the account


Not Just Another Photo Assistant App


I started sketching out possible interfaces and thinking of ways this app can be unique compared to another Instagram or Google Photos. This led to storyboarding, which helped get visual perspective of how a family experiences using Zoopix.

The Smith family is taking little Aiden Smith to his first visit to the zoo! How exciting. And it's not just Mama Smith and Papa Smith, Grandma Smith is coming along too!

The app would easily find favorite moments, organizing photos by which animal the child interacted with. Multiple members of the family can be added to a single account to allow collaborating sharing. However, only invited members are allowed access, ensuring privacy



Bringing The Visuals Into The Interface


Creating this mood board helped inspired me to choose my color palette for the app. During my visit to the zoo the colors that really stood out to me were the earthy tones and vibrant colors from foliage and animal patterns.

Color Palette & Moodboard.jpg


Getting Feedback For Iterations


The timeline on the home screen was nice to look back on, but provided nothing actionable or interactive while at the zoo.

Organizing by animal was helpful, but it took a lot of scrolling to get to a specific animal.



Final Key Screens


Homepage Part 2.jpg


Tying Everything Together


Using Zoopix, families can better organize their experiences, share the moments together, and keep them private from the public. 

Next Steps

  • Develop a checkout flow for someone who wants to order prints
  • Design onboarding tutorial flow for first time users